A treasure trove of well-known enterprises in the automobile industry chain - EVTec 2017

Organized by NürnbergMesse China and supported by CAPAC, EVTec 2017 (Electric Vehicle Technologies Conference 2017) will be held in Kempinski Hotel, Shenyang from November 8th to 9th, 2017. The conference won the unlimited support of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shenyang, as well as of the Shenyang Economic and Information Technology Committee, and the German Chamber of Commerce in Northern China. It is also worth mentioning that PGUB Management Consultants GmbH is acting as international supporter and supporting planner of the conference. As international supporter of the conference, PGUB Management Consultants GmbH gives EVTec the initial position that is different to those of other activities in the electric vehicle industry. The clients of PGUB are senior technical supervisors that are already active for years in OEM brands whose headquarters are based in Germany, such as BMW, Volkswagen and Audi. They are deeply involved in the technical research of electric vehicles for many years and do not only develop world-leading production technologies, but also know the development trends of the industry inside out.

So this year’s conference will focus on electric mobility in the specific context of China. It will gather together experts and leaders from major automotive manufacturers and suppliers (foreign and local), academia and the government to discuss advanced research topics, new product development and complete automotive industry supply chain topics.


EVTec program committee composes the agenda

EVTec's unique program committee is the core organization for the content of the conference. It gives EVTec a strong industry background with members from leading companies in the automotive engineering and particularly e - mobility sector that are highly sophisticated in future energy topics. So EVTec enjoys deep insider knowledge from the whole industry that guarantees the right topics to be discussed at the right time. The team is not only familiar with the Chinese market but also understands the global trends of development. Currently EVTec is supported by its members from UAES, BOSCH, FEV China, LEONI, Qualcomm, Schaeffler, Webasto, Maxwell Technologies and other top enterprises.

The agenda of the conference has been discussed by the members of the program committee for months. They defined not only professional introductions of the development and case studies of electric vehicles in the world, but also in-depth analysis and discussions on various fields of electric vehicle production technologies how to implement the latest technologies in and grasp the cutting-edge market trends.


With topics about batteries, electric controls and official regulations the conference will provide a whole picture about the electric vehicle industry in China and abroad

The two-day event includes a plenary session each day and is split in four technical sessions. The topic of one of the plenary sessions is about the opportunities and challenges of electric vehicles. The topics of the technical sessions are battery performance and charging, motor and electrical control, technologies of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles as well as policies & regulations and requirements of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Some of the speech will be held as follows:

  • · Overview: opportunities and challenges of electric vehicles in China and other countries
  • · Battery performance and charging: future trends and technologies
  • · Auto motor and electronic control: onboard, plug-in, regenerative braking system and their interactions
  • · Commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles: the government and industry’s legislations and requirements for the applications of electric vehicles
  • · Seminar on the connectivity and safety of electrified transportation: Why are data collection and electronic security no longer just pure IT topics?


Great commercial sources and platforms

EVTec 2017 will be held in Shenyang while China-German Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang provides EVTec with rich resources and a large commercial platform. The China-German Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park is an important platform for connecting "Made in China 2025" with the German "Industry 4.0". It serves as a strategic platform for the cooperation of the China-German high-end equipment manufacturing industry. There are nearly 30 German vehicle, machinery, electric and retail companies based in the park like BMW, ZF, SEW, BASF, Heraeus and Metro. Various investments have also been settled in the industrial park: After the investment of 800 million Euros, the BMW engine plant started operation, the German robot project by KUKA has entered the stage of assembling and SIEMENS’ Intelligent Transportation Research Center is already debugged. Dozens of projects about vehicles and car parts, intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment, emerging industries and industrial services are solidly arranged: the phase-3 BMW Brilliance project with a total investment of 8 billion 800 million yuan has entered the stage of installation and will be officially put into operation in October. Once it runs in full capacity, BMW’s new plant in Tiexi will have a production capacity of 400 thousand vehicles and the output value of a single plant will exceed 100 billion yuan. BMW has 37 upcoming projects about parts and components which are in the stage of production, construction and signing, and 35 projects which are in negotiation.

A treasure trove of excellent representatives of OEMs and TIER suppliers

EVTec 2017 is already in close contact with representatives from BMW Brilliance, Audi, Volvo, SAIC Motor, GM, Dongfeng, Changan, HELLA, Magna Steyr, Delphi, BOSCH, SIEMENS, ABB, AAM, Hitachi Automotive, etc. Besides those more professionals from OEMs and electric vehicle parts production are still asking for information about the progress and content of the conference, the progress of preparations. At least 250 high-quality representatives in the industry will attend the conference.

Interpreting the electric vehicle market in China, grasping the latest market trends

China has a huge electric vehicle market. With the development of the new energy vehicle industry, the Chinese market has been in controversial discussion by the international competition. Facing many foreign competitors with advanced technologies and experiences, both policy makers and manufactures needed to understand the latest changes of the market and the developments of the technologies to improve the effectiveness of the policy and accelerate technological innovation. Supported by the international program committee and with the strong industry background, EVTec as a high-end professional conference will follow the development pace of the Chinese electric vehicle market, provide the latest details of the Chinese electric vehicle market to grasp the latest trends in the electric vehicle market.


Register for EVTec 2017 now. Special prices are available by WeChat registration. If you have any other questions please check the official website of EVTec: www.evtec-china.com or contact us directly as follows.

We look forward to seeing you in Shenyang on November 8th.

Dates & Venue

Electric Vehicle Technologies Conference (EVTec 2023)
10th-11th, Oct., 2023
Shanghai, China


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